• Training of students and health professionals in trauma management (multiple trauma, thoracic trauma, abdominal trauma, barotrauma, orthopedic trauma, mental trauma, travel medicine trauma, tropical disease trauma).

  • Training in Technologies for the prevention and management of Wounds (Wound Management Technologies), management of chronic wounds and ulcers – diabetic foot, burn disease management, ostomies, psychosocial support of trauma patients, combat wound management, Crisis and Emergency Management techniques, post-traumatic stress.

  • Education in patient safety (risk factors for patient safety, minimization of missed nursing care)

  • Participation in domestic and foreign research programs related to trauma management and patient safety

  • Preparation of studies related to patient safety trauma management and interdepartmental – interdisciplinary with corresponding research centers

  • Provision of specialized and certified seminars in collaboration with national and foreign educational institutions – Certification of courses with ECTS and ECVET credits

  • Organization of scientific conferences